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***  PLEASE NOTE  ***

To make this show the best it can be, we are moving it to July 24, 2020

 from 6pm - 8pm Eastern time.


Please join us Friday for the show!!

Awards chosen and special awards given by celebrity judges John D'Agostino and Scottie D (click here to meet the judges).

Start Engaging Prospects Around the Globe with a Virtual Auto Show

Your passion for vehicles can get you to places, even while lounging at home. Why don't you try the Virtual Car Show? Let's get up-close and personal with stunning rides from all over the world – and you're not even going to get a sunburn in the process!

If you can't get out to the show, Cars of Carlisle will bring you the virtual car meet. Our talented crew automobile enthusiasts has experienced car shows, sporting events, and cruises in many places. We’re excited to announce these encounters with you on the Virtual Car Shows section of!


Car Owners United Rallying Against Global Epidemics

What is it?

  • This is a virtual car show for a cause: to benefit the charity Feeding America.


How do I attend?

  • Click the Start Engine button to the right ---->


How does this thing run?

  • The virtual car show is powered by your generosity.  Participants’ entry and vehicle registration fees are fully donated directly to Feeding America.  Again, all (100%) of the proceeds go directly to Feeding America, which supports over 100 food banks throughout the United States.

  • All of the advertising, award plaques, fees, and celebrity forums are being provided by the team running the show and the celebrity guests through their donations of time and resources. 

  • Therefore, 100% of the funds raised by any sponsorship or individual donations are donated directly, and in their entirety, to 

Feeding America.


Ignition Switch to Making It Happen

  • To make the magic happen, we need YOU.

  • Car shows are all about the people. 

  • So, the question:  Won’t you help us set the table for the less fortunate?


Paying at the Gate (payment should be made as a donation to Feeding America)

  • Participant gate fee (minimum donation):  $1.00

  • Vehicle entry fee -- includes photo submission and eligibility for judging and award (minimum donation):   $4.99


Finding Your Spot on the Showfield

  • Once you've made your donation to Feeding America, get your spot on the showfield 

       by clicking on the car to the right --->

Rev Your Engines!

  • Thank you for your time, your generosity, and your help in proving once again how car show aren’t just for cars – they’re all about the car community. 

  • Be COURAGEous!



What Our Coalition Members Are Saying

  • “Without question, we are all experiencing hardships with this global pandemic.  For me, the best way to lead -- and to live -- is to think outside of my head and beyond my own environment.  As millions of people suffer, worry, and go hungry, the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. campaign is my way of doing real-world good for humankind.  May God bless everyone -- in every corner of this planet.”

                                                         - Darren Reighard


  • “I have always believed that the best way to help yourself in any situation in life is to help others.  I am proud to be a founding member of the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. Coalition working together to help bring automotive collectors and enthusiasts together in a new way to bond with over their love of not only cars, but also over the car show experience, and to show that car shows are about more than the cars in the show field, and more than the commerce in the swap meets, they are about comrades coming together to help those in need in their surrounding communities.”

      - Vanessa Scalavino​

  • "C.O.U.R.A.G.E. Car Show – what a great team!  When asked to help in developing this concept, I did not realize how brilliant and benevolent this process would become.  All the founders are small business owners, and even in their own unsure and unfavorable times with business operations, the main concern here is to help others.  The virtual car show brings car enthusiasts together giving a new option for the comfortable feeling of enjoying cars, comrades and community, and through participation, it helps those truly in need."

      - Scott Fickes

  • "When I was invited to participate in the C.O.U.R.A.G.E. virtual Car show project, I decided this would be my opportunity to get my show fix for the season. As someone whose passion and lively hood depends on these events, this Pandemic has really hit me and my business very hard. As most of you have felt the brave new world we live in.  We all have to adjust. But that doesn't mean the passions die, just because we're cooped up! I get inspired as well as excited to go to automotive events. My friends are at these events. We come from all over to share that common thread that makes our hearts sing. So, if you can't be together? Then what do you do? 

Darren, Vanessa, and Scott have done an outstanding job bringing the passion to the masses. And we all get to benefit, as well as help those less fortunate than ourselves. I am honored and delighted to be a part of continuing the craft and enthusiasm for the automobile and all that goes with it, and I look forward to all your pictures and stories in the coming months!"

     - Noelle Dumas

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