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The Factory Floor
Motor oil and racing fuel have pumped through my veins since I was a kid collecting Matchbox cars.  Well before relocating to Central Pennsylvania in 1984, I regularly attended Carlisle Events’ car shows with my dad. As avid car enthusiasts, my family moved to Carlisle before I started high school.      

Throughout my life, I’ve helped my dad restore three 1929 Model A’s (pickup, tudor, and roadster), multiple mid-‘60’s muscle cars, and a 1966 Chevy II Nova.  The latter Deuce Coupe had been a Long Island drag car; with 4.11 gears, it would consistently put a grin on anyone’s face! A 1968 Mustang, with a 200 cubic inch inline six and some mild engine and exhaust mods, served as my first love and initial set of wheels.


The People

As long as I’ve been walking and talking, I have been infatuated with car culture and the automotive community.  It’s the people in the car world that mean so much to me.  

The Mission

Realizing that Carlisle is such a global epicenter for car lovers, I decided to find a way to share local information with people that are interested in coming to the events.


The Road Ahead
So, the Cars of Carlisle team has decided to take this ride and bring Carlisle to you – wherever on the map your personal garage may be.  The Cars of Carlisle community is all about sharing information, resources, and time with you – our fellow car fanatics. 

We’re here for you.


So…jump in.  Strap up. Hold on.  Welcome to C/of/C!


Drive well.  Be well.


Artwork credit: Noelle Dumas (Motorgirl Studios)

"Whether it's finesse in car handling or life-event handling, 'grace is in the recovery.'"          --D.W. Reighard

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